Aza LeBon is a character that evolved over a couple decades of fictional writing. She emerged from a story I started titled ALICE that is actually waking back up. I'm not sure I can intertwine it into my latest writing misadventure, Of Blood & Swine, but as I think that, I'm reminded of the other main character that could very well intersect the stories....


I am a visualist.

What does that mean? Per the Google's simple answer derived from the Collins' translation...

1. to form a mental image of (something incapable of being viewed or not at that moment visible) 2. medicine. to view by means of an X-ray the outline of (a bodily organ, structure, or part).

Being a visualist means I respond first to the visuals that then leads me to fleshing out the story that leads me to responding; to the emotion influenced by music I place in playlists such as I placed in the Empire Down soundtrack list I use on YouTube. I'm notorious for playing one song only for weeks  or months at a time while writing one scene in the screenplays I started writing in high school.... One script just so incorporated all the requirements to  graduate! Then off to college to major in screenwriting, police science and computer technology.

The Sisters Of Mercy's songs that drove the writing were Empire Down (under the name The Sisterhood), More and Under The Gun.

And for those of you who are questioning my sanity, think before you speak. Everyone's sense of humor and comprehension of everything surrounded by reality is observed in so many different translations. What makes sense to me will probably not make sense to most people.

Yes — my "look" since I was 14 was influenced by alternative Gothic rock, namely the Sister's of Mercy's singer, Andrew Eldritch. It's ironic, I suppose, that he's now bald. I ceased dying my hair black in 2018 because of a stroke I survived that rendered my horse hair thick strands to the thickness of well over processed baby fine hair. Ironic as well since my hair is now mostly white. I've gone from evil to good, I guess. But I still wear a lot of black and "robo cop" or serious sunglasses.

Some people ask "why the glasses all the time?" Eyes are the "windows to the soul". I don't want strangers in; I don't want my vulnerabilities exposed. Think of it this way — one with a really good hand of poker does NOT wear mirrored sunglasses.


I really stepped away from writing in July 2018 when I carried on the paternal legacy of having an early age hemorrhagic stroke. In my early 40's, I just couldn't envision life after 50. I was puzzled by this cos I could always see odd-ball elements of life happening. But not this time. It just wasn't meant for me to see it — my stroke at 45. Then shingles at 48. I'm pushing 50 now so life has my attention right now. Add to my current awareness, people say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Hmm.... Dare I ask what's next?

I joined Twitter in October 2022 without having prior social media experience. While I'm there in search of the world events not censored by main stream media, I'm also there for the funny meme shit people share. I'm right there with them! I'm absolutely fluent in speaking shit and sparring with other unique minds! In that, I've met a few people who have earned their way into my inner circle of friends, particularly Chris. A meme or a comment was passed along that opened the door to communication with him which led to sparking the memories, thoughts and opinions to returning to writing the novella I started writing kinda shortly before the stroke.

Chris later said something that he or I needed to hear. From this interaction, I secured the domain names for and What's this, you wonder? I'm also an artist currently into card crafting, a useful tool in occupational therapy in my recovery. I do sell cards, usually at Christmas time. I'm getting ready to launch my graphx website and tie it all in together with a pretty bow.

There is a bit more to this story or saga - whichever you'd choose to call it....

Jeremiah Morelli

It was whatever that something was that prompted me to secure the domain names to propel me into my comfy, nerdy world to restart my visualistic endevours once again.

While I am artist in my own right, pictures I'm using are mostly swiped from Pinterest. The artist will be credited when I can find their names — or at least the picture's location!

My Writing Style

In an email response to Chris, I wrote this & learned so much from it; about myself and about what I'm writing and which direction the story is taking. Yes — It's styled somewhere between Quentin Terantino, Stephen King and James Wan. No — it will not be non-violent or easy on the mind.


Whatever I focus on and write about is basically successfully herding cats or getting ducks in a row. It’s never easy and takes a while. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, my brain is processing how to filter in data, assess what to make of it, filter that data and pigeon hole it, move to things to remember list, things to start and/or stop doing. I may not have ended up as a computer programmer after that trade school but it did reset my brain to become a computer with a road map. Sometimes I need to mentally 4 wheel through data, thoughts, feelings (I HATE that word but what other word could I use? My brain will come up with something.)

In the searching for what’s going on in my head, visualizing it in however I do processes the who, where, why and hows. That’s where I start writing. If I were watching a movie, what would I see? What am I to focus on first? My book for example; The cop finds the just about dead gal and calls for an ambulance that rushes her a hospital. She seems familiar but he can’t place it. All the open ends I’m leaving is basically a rip in her, his and a few others’ time lines. All those characters will need to look within.

I’ll be going over what I’ve written as a screenplay so to speak and then adding the book elements. I’ll be building up the tension, distractions, emotions and fears. I’m ultimately each character. Their responses would be how I would address it, right or wrong. Then I need to sort out the backlash to these characters and my responses to them. There’ll be a few rabbit holes cos that’s how my mind works.

Aza became so important suddenly that I secured website domain names and set up accounts everywhere with Aza’s name. Since I am her personified, she is me, the HitBunny and Yellowstone’s Beth. The Rabid Jackals will present themselves in time. My dog’s strength and character will be shown as my guardians. Maybe in dog form, maybe in angel form. Not sure yet. Maybe in shapeshifting form. I’m a shapeshifter. It’s all about energy and how you manipulate it. My friends have lost me in very small crowds cos my mood changed dramatically. One friend freaked out cos we were at some big event in LA and she was scared to be by herself. I was 4 feet away, no longer wanting to be there anymore. It was some human rights gala my friend had tickets for. I got to see Sing’s wife right next to me then I passed by Bruce Springsteen. All I remember was hell! I’m taller than him! I’m 5’ 6.5” and shrinking. I wasn’t wearing high heeled shoes.

So back to what I was saying – visualizing what’s going on represents the physical. Describing things in emotional or descriptive detail sets the emotional spectrum. In discovering what I’m conveying is ultimately my brain filtering through the data to see what I have left that can’t filter for reason X. That’s where I learn what I need to process. Is it simple or is it a sticky wicket? Of Blood and Swine is definitely a sticky wicket: My blood and all the people involved are the swine – their lies, their attempts to escape karmic justice. The briar patches they’re trying to flee is where the story lies. The who, where, why and hows filter the data within. The ultimate feat is to escape the story as well. It’ll lead me to who and what I forgive and why? (I THINK I have to forgive myself but I’m seriously resisting.)

This will be why Aza loses each of her 6 senses. She has to filter all this objectively. That means she has to step outside of herself and see it all as someone else with no horse in the race would see it. That’s why her (my) Jane Doe name will eventually be named Possum – half the time, no one knows if she’s dead or alive. She also has no finger prints. The police have to give up. The cop, Cai Bartholomew, continues on in his search because he needs to know who she is and why she’s so familiar.

The wife that’s referenced thus far… Cai’s a widow. Wife’s spirit is very strong. Cai will figure out wife’s spirit is incarnated as Aza. She’s there to wrap up his loose ends and let her (wife) go to where she needs to go. Why is he selfishly hanging on? Afraid to be alone? (When my dad was dying, he expected mom to die with him and when she said no, that hold was gone and he died within a day or two of that.)

This being such a complex story, it’s going to take time in sorting it out, outlining it, writing scenes in screenplay sections, assembling what I see then fleshing it out in book form.

Yes – writing is my healing. It forces me to slow down and articulate what I need to see, know and do. Being run over actually supercharged my brain and abilities. Work stress led me down the bad road that ultimately tried to kill me. I fought the devil in a way and lived to tell the tail. The body however… it took a serious beating – reminds me of the maulings you see pit bills are notorious for. Recovery is slow cos of the spasticity. Working on it seems to only make it worse. But that changes at all different times.

I’m feeling more nerves generating. They hurt like hell in the beginning. Meds either work or don’t. Or sometimes for a while then I have to switch off. Some meds almost immediately made me think of slitting my own throat, no emotion attached.

I like the ghoulish scenes in intense battles. When I describe things in ghoulish form, the physical represents the emotions I either feel or don’t.

In the end, these battles that are fought move me up the ladder and closer to God.

I can’t remember the meme that started it. that tells me I saw what I was supposed to see, recognize it as a sign for me. I took it to heart. When I’ve worked as a psychic medium and relayed messages, any message I gave that was HEARD by the person asking – I had absolutely no memory of it. When the messages were not accepted for some reason, I remembered them for days til I flushed my mental thoughts terlit. I won’t hold onto other people’s energy for very long.
Silas Toball
When it’s time to jump start my creative juices again, just tell yourself to find a picture I need to see. Keep your eyes open and be aware of what is going on in the world and what you see, especially on Twitter with its memes. All this has told me I need to document a couple memories of signs I asked for. I will. I’ll have to see how and where to put that.

Lastly, being a realist, I never look for the positivity in the world. When I’m met to see it, it’ll get right in my face. Somehow that was you. No need for me to question it other than why it was you of all people? What caused our energy to intersect? Like attracts like so there is something there. Is there anything I’ve said or written that you identified as something you needed to hear for yourself?

If we people feed on others’ energy, is my energy nourishing you in some way? Or am I a bag of Oreos?

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Always go for the light. I say this, knowing I need to hear it, too.

Me, the writer - Valerie

This was the last picture I took hours prior to getting run over a Ford Expedition. I don't call it an "accident" — I call it a "wreck". The new "friend" had an epileptic seizure as he pulled up behind my Volvo and hit the gas instead of the brake. This launched him through me then into the back of my "world's safest car". Be IN said safest car and NOT behind it when you get hit by a truck. Heed my warning on this!

This associate came to and then managed to run away. A neighbor to my other then friend ran out of his house with a gun and pursued him until the cops with sirens wailed past him. Scott V. was captured and tested for alcohol and drugs. All that was found was epileptic medicine.

Scott should not have been driving. Epilepsy and driving varies by state. I'm in Texas. The law here says:

Every state regulates driver's license eligibility of persons with certain medical conditions. The most common requirement for people with epilepsy is that they be seizure free for a specific period of time and submit a physician's evaluation of their ability to drive safely. Another common requirement is the periodic submission of medical reports, in some states for a specified period of time and in others for as long as the person remains licensed.

Law Texas
DMV Appeal of License Denial Yes
Doctors to Report Epilepsy No
Periodic Medical Updates Required After Licensing At discretion of Medical Advisory Board
Seizure-Free Period 3 months, with exceptions

Scott was here in Texas and fled back to Michigan shortly thereafter. The only difference is highlighted in BOLD.

Law Michigan
DMV Appeal of License Denial Yes
Doctors to Report Epilepsy No
Periodic Medical Updates Required After Licensing At discretion of DMV
Seizure-Free Period 6 months with exceptions
While I've been writing all my life, my writing dynamically changed after this. Why?

I died in this wreck. However brief and however many times I left and returned.

The crux to this story is that Scott not only fled to Texas to escape culpability, emotionally, but ALSO financially as this involved truck was not legally his — it belonged to his DEAD fiancee — and NO, it was NOT insured....